Welcome aboard the USS Essex!

   Essex NX-7101-A is Star Trek RPG/fan club currently located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and serving the southern and eastern portions of that great state.
Originally launched in 1986 in La Feria, Texas,
Essex‘ mission is to:

  • To keep the Star Trek dream alive. That through infinite diversity in infinite combination life is worth while.
  • To bring together families and make new friends, by having fun with those who share our same interests.
  • To make our future a better place by improving ourselves and serving our friends, neighbors and community.

The Club

   An active chapter of Starfleet Command’s Seventh Fleet, Essex is a family of Star Trek friends- not fanatics.  Our main goals are to develop new friendships and to help our communities in the spirit of the 24th Century.

Our chapter is set up along the lines of a starship as seen on the various Star Trek series- but the only real ships involved are friendships.  Membership is open to all without regard to gender, race, religion, age or lifestyles.  Families usually encompass the majority of our membership.

Essex (and our various sister chapters in Utah and Idaho) meet on a local level for table-top roleplaying, various activities, community service, and just plain fun. We often hold joint activities with other chapters and other organizations.

Information on the Seventh Fleet and other Seventh Fleet chapters can be found in the Links Section of the Website.

What is a Table-top RPG?

Seventh Fleet Rules of Conduct

The Ship’s “Spirit Guide”

The Essex Rogues’ Gallery

Ship’s Logs

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to the re-imagined and rebuilt site for the Starship Essex! Today brings both joy and sadness.  The former because our website is back up and running, the latter because of the collision in the Sea of Japan involving the U.S.S. Fitzgerald and a container-cargo-transport. 7 Sailors Missing, CO Injured After Destroyer USS Fitzgerald Collided …


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